Enliven Your Will

June 11th, 2011

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Many times in life we are called on to enliven our will. We need to “buck up” and strengthen ourselves from within. The dictionary defines the word enliven as “to make lively or spirited; animate”.

This enlivening animating force or principle is one that helps us shift into our deepest well being. We may know that we need to reawaken our life force but often we find that we are uninspired and unmoved. How might we begin to embrace this sleeping beauty within?

I have read that “willpower is the power of the ego”. Will by way of the ego certainly has power in the world. However, we know that the ego always has limited power. Ego-power is always limited to our earthly experience.

When operating from ego strength, we often find that we have exhausted the powers of the self. We may sense that we might be able to tap into another source of energy, yet we aren’t always clear on how we might go about it.

If we truly move into the power (or willpower) of our spirit, we will find that we no longer experience the limits of ego-power. For example, many find that when they devote daily time to meditation they feel deeply rested and ennobled. Similarly, many people report gleaning a sacred clarity that comes from prayer, which enlivens their will, helping them to embrace the dynamic energy of the truth they seek.

When we desire to align with the natural flow of the Universe, which the Chinese refer to as Chi, we move away from resistance, inauthenticity and we just plain get out of our own way! We often find that the ego, with its clinging assertions about how things should be, limits our true will power.

Most people would not argue that love is the most potent force in the Universe. When we seek to align with love motivated will power, we can change our lives and live more joyfully. Compassion, which is love in action, whether directed to ourselves or others, is the ultimate potent force that will enliven our willpower.

(c) 2008 Jeanine Austin, Ph.D.,  C.Ht.
Doctor of Life Coaching Certified Hypnotherapist
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