Are You Ready to Change?

August 17th, 2011

Just yesterday I was in the post office with some large envelopes I wanted to mail. One large envelope contained a book, the other business cards and brochures. I arrived at the post office a half an hour before the service windows opened with the post office personnel. The front doors however, were open and the automated post office was available.

I am embarrassed to write that although I am a person with many responsibilities including owning my own life coaching and hypnosis business and raising two school aged boys, I have often waited outside the post office for the tellers to become available or I have waited in the long long line just so I didn’t have to use the automated teller.

Now it is true that I have struck up some interesting conversations from time to time with people in line and have made enjoyable small talk with the tellers. Having said that, I had really avoided using those automated tellers because it would involve a change for me. After all, I had never used one before.

After braving the waters and spending about two minutes to mail the packages, I was free to go to the park and read. I had to laugh to myself, all those years of standing in long lines at the post office were really just about me not wanting to change.

As a life coach, if someone wants to make new choices in their world I look at the model for stages of change:  precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and then maintenance. If you are desirous of shifting you may want look at this model and notice where you might be on the continuum. I find that if people have ambivalent flow about a change, they often will exhibit one of the following four archetypes:  prostitute, child, saboteur or victim (see the wonderful works of Caroline Myss, Ph.D.). It seems important that we are honest with ourselves about where we really are so that we don’t set ourselves up for an untoward outcome.

The spiritual guidebook A Course in Miracles reminds us that choice is always available to us. In a holy instant we can choose again or choose differently. Life coaching and hypnosis can help us to bring the conscious and subconscious minds into harmonious agreement so that we might go forward with empowered alignment. Note that the prefix “em” means to “put in to”. When we honor the truth of our own journey we put the power of authentic change into our being.

(c) 2011 Jeanine Marie Austin, Ph.D., C.Ht.

Doctor of Life Coaching, Certified Hypnotherapist

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