Six Key Secrets of Life Revealed to Me While Hula Hooping

September 2nd, 2011

1. Sometimes it takes awhile to get things moving and flowing.

When I was a little I loved hula hooping, riding my bike, and ballet dancing. After years of no serious physical activity, now in my 40s, I’ve revisited each of these activities. Although we’ve all heard the expression “it’s just like getting back on a bicycle”, none of these pastimes came back to me with ease. Perhaps because I’ve had two children, it took me awhile to find my balance and once I found my core I had to really be deliberate about strengthening my center.

Over the last 15 years or so I picked up a hula hoop whenever I saw one and was never able to do more than a couple of revolutions. With newfound determination, I can now hula hoop until I exhaust myself and not because I lose control of the hoop. The key here as with most things in life is willingness, consistency and persistence.

2. Stay in the moment.

Focusing on the now moment, knowing that even science tells us that all time is happening now anyway, is the only way to keep the hoop moving.  If you are tempted to think about the next revolution, chances are the hoop will be on its way to the ground. Focusing on the power of now will keep the hoop moving.

3. You gotta be calm, you gotta be cool, you gotta stay together…

If you panic and start making weird gyrations in order to keep the hoop in motion it’s all over but the crying. Great archetypal symbols such as the wheel, the spiral and the flower are held together by their powerful centers. If you loose focus by getting upset, perfectionistic or frustrated, you will lose the hoop and the integrity and power of your center.

4.  Keep your spirits high

When I was hula hooping I started to notice that if in addition to staying cool and easy about hulaing, I found that keeping my attention high (literally) kept the hoop from falling  below my waist. When I put mental attention on my heart for instance, without changing my movements at all, the hoop stayed in position. While I know this is not exactly a double blind scientific study, I still find the anecdotal evidence fascinating. Keeping attention on the higher areas (the heart, mind and crown) corresponds with the higher chakra energy systems written of in Hindu and Buddhist texts.

When facing challenges, if we use our heart, mind and spirit perceptions to navigate the vicissitudes of life, we seem to become much more empowered than if we use only our more base energies.

5. Keep your eyes on your own hoop.

When I finally got the hula hoop moving effortlessly, I decided to look online to see what my hooping kin were up to. It wasn’t long before I found some Tony Duncan videos. Mr. Duncan is a Native American world champion hoop dancer. He uses a number of hoops to create many intricate designs that can be seen in nature such as the eagle and the hummingbird. Suddenly, I wasn’t as excited to be able to hula hoop for ten minutes or so with one hoop. Later, I realized that hooping, like life, isn’t a relative experience. There is room enough for both Mr. Duncan and I to hoop happily in the world.


It’s just hula hooping for Pete’s sake. Many times in life we spend time trying earnestly not to wallow in sadness and suffering.  Beyond that we forget that we are supposed to be having fun on this great adventure called life.  Even though we want to be intentional and purposeful with our lives in the way that we want to with our hula hooping, we can’t take ourselves so seriously that we forget to be playful and childlike.

Yesterday, as I caught a glimpse of myself in my large bay window as I hula hooped in my bikini in my backyard, joy filled my heart. I’m forty six, hooping and having fun!

(c) 2011 Jeanine Marie Austin, Ph.D., C.Ht.

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