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October 5th, 2011

In the spirit of the metaphysical idea that there is only one of use here, or that we are all joined, it seems that many people I know, myself included, are consolidating our energetic efforts.

In my doctoral program I studied energy psychology. Relative to my other areas of study, ideas about energy in the field of healing seem to given only the most superficial of attention. This seems surprising given the fact that science tells us that everything is energy.

If you are feeling emotionally spent, you may want to take a fearless inventory regarding where you are focusing your attention. Where you put your attention is where you are spending your energy. What you are giving your attention to you are saying “Please, sir, I want some more” to. As it is often said, the Universe only says “yes”.

Purifying your energetic efforts may mean pursuing hypnosis to stop smoking, stop checking the ex’s facebook profile, dumping the junk food, limiting alcohol intake, making new friends, not indulging in gossip, stop talking about how much you hate your body and hire a trainer, creating an alkaline environment for your body, decluttering with a life coach… The possibilities are endless. Clearly, doing one or more of the aforementioned could completely revolutionize your life.

In his book The Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power, Stuart Wilde writes, “Purifying your energy is coming from the point of saying: The infinity inside of you is very beautiful and very important, and you’re not going to trash your energy by taking it into places where there is copious amounts of sludge. You’re not going to trash your energy by doing things that lower it, such as dysfunctional behavior, food problems, drinking, drug taking.”

Get intentional and deliberate! Decide what you want to put your attention on. Jacob Glass, who lectures on A Course in Miracles, says “Deciding unleashes an incredible amount of energy”. To decide literally means to cut off. Increasing your energy may mean cutting off the focus on anything unpleasant, unsupportive, unkind or untoward.

Just yesterday I felt tired and uninspired. Upon reflection I realized that I had been spending my energy in a fruitless way for the last several weeks. I contemplated the concept of wu-wei, Wu-wei is a Taoist concept meaning “without action, without effort, or without control”.

Focusing with a clench fist on that which is not in flow makes us exhausted. Marianne Williamson often says that we are addicted to “footwork” in this world. A “yin” or feminine perspective may help us to focus on using our energies in a loving way. A Course in Miracles also reminds us that “I need to nothing”.

With some gentle and loving self care attention (a detoxing body wrap, time in nature, journaling, reading, meditating and organic foods) this afternoon I feel reinvigorated and inspired again. Gently refocusing and making decisions about how to utilize my energies was key.

What might you do to focus your valuable energy? What can be released from your life in order that natural and effortless energetic expressions can come into being?

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