Awaken to a Joyful Worldview

December 19th, 2011

Many of us have come to believe that our worldly experiences are born from our perceptions. Moreover, many now believe that it is the inner world which is mirrored in the outer world. While some people believe that we create by doing in the world via outwardly motivated strategy and effort, perhaps because of the metaphysical ideology explained in the movies The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? , many people now desire to shift their attention, awareness and ultimately awaken their consciousness to affect a divinely inspired life.

There is a metaphysical principle which states that the highest level of consciousness is surrender. This idea seems to be in conflict with the idea of actively creating our reality. In fact, it was a personal challenge for me to get my mind around this concept. I have enjoyed creating affirmations and having my desires manifest in the world. When I discovered this idea about 24 years ago, I was excited to find out how easily I manifested my desires into being.

However, when we align ourselves with God, Source and Divine desire, however we conceptualize it, we can manifest love-based forms and situations which are often better than what we could have imagined. We really are already one with all that we desire. These desires and outcomes impact the whole of humanity, not just our individual lives. Of course, we all have personal preferences and desires, and there is nothing inherently wrong with personal desire. We can always intend our desires. But often we forget to “release” them to God. Many who are working on affirming may state their desire and also add earnestly “this or something better”. When we release we are surrendering to the fact that we may not know what is best and may not know what exactly will serve the higher good. The adage “Be careful what you wish for” is addressed by this action.

The metaphysical textbook A Course in Miracles has students ask “What would you have me do?” This form of release and surrender creates a powerful flow in our lives. Our mission becomes “How can I serve?” rather than “What can I get?”

There is nothing wrong with desiring the new job, relationship, car, or the perfect state of health. But beyond these personal desires lay the opportunity to act from compassion and recognize that we are all a part of the holographic whole. Many spiritual teachers believe that compassion is love in action and is the highest form of love. When we act from compassion we are aligned with our inner being, acting from our essential self and our most awakened consciousness.

To deliberately act from the awakened or conscious mind we might start by intending it. We can align with a capital “S”ource perspective rather than a small “s”ource perspective. For example, if we wish to buy a home, but the prevailing thought of those around is that this is a bad time to buy, we can remember that this is a little “s” perspective. Our source of information in this case is those around us. They are responding to their reality based on fear or thoughts that “what is” isn’t enough. Aligning with Source, gives us an empowered perspective. Our source is not other people’s ideas, fears or perspectives, but in fact, the abundance which is of God.

It is true that the mind cannot serve two masters. We must choose our allegiances. We can choose fear based thoughts or love based thoughts. If we live in duality we may try and choose both and end up confusing and frustrating ourselves and those around us.

We may have to be deliberate in order not to buy into the thought patterns or race consciousness of the world. It may be highly important to seek support to stay on the path of love. Because we live physically in a temporal world, we are often seduced into believing that the world we experience with our five senses is the whole enchilada. However, the more we operate from an expanded and awakened consciousness the more we begin to see clearly that there is a universal intelligence which will help us if we allow for it.

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